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Can AI Cure Procrastination

Imagine a world, where you act on and do all the things you want to do. Imagine how this would change your life. Will AI tools make this happen?

Changing Perspectives Through AI

As an artist and creator, I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and can't stop thinking about it, like how I am with AI-generated art now; other times, I feel lost. I learned years ago that changing your perspective can often lead to a new mindset and ideas. I find this to be true no matter what I'm working on.

Using AI to Create a Photo Based on Blog Content

Selecting a photo for your blog post or website is a chore for some, but it's one of those elements that can make or break the content. It's also a task that can be time-consuming to do, especially if you prefer to avoid scrolling endlessly on Unsplash or stock photography websites.

Scary AI Profile Photos, B-Roll and Living Forever

Generative photos and now videos continue to take the tech world by storm, with new tools out almost daily. Today we take a look at the a generative profile photo tool and a video B-roll tool, both can save us time and even entertain us a little bit.

AI Avatar Generator and How to Make Your Own

Welcome to this week’s Techbytes, a selection of recent ideas, news and technology I’m following, reading about and testing. This week I’m highlighting AI avatars, generative AI startups, 20 Metatrends and Moonshots, creating content using the rule of three, and a free Fundamentals of Copywriting YouTube course.

The Generative AI Gold Rush

The AI gold rush is on, and generative AI is the latest shiny object. This new form of AI can create original content faster than ever, and artists and content creators can’t get enough, looking for the next great tool.