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I’m Thomas Alan Smilie, a creative technologist with a diverse background, articulate in communicating marketing and technology, and passionate about embracing and using new technologies. I’m skilled at leveraging technology for efficiency and solving complex business problems, and I excel in communicating intricate ideas and information at the C-suite level. Having spent half my life traveling and living in Japan, I bring a global mindset to my work, enriching my approach to technology and strategy. I believe the rise of generative AI is introducing profound changes in how we use technology. I am deeply engaged in exploring AI applications, focused on transitioning into an AI strategy role to help businesses and people adapt and thrive in a radically different world. After many years in web development and photography, I’ve spent the past seven years establishing and overseeing the inaugural Digital Marketing Department at MCCS Okinawa, serving as the Digital Marketing and Media Manager, a unique intersection for my creative and technical skills. One to Better is where I document my thoughts on AI, photography, and technology, using writing to clarify my understanding and seek insights that might be useful to others.
I am, like art and technology, a work in progress.
Note: This blog is meant to document my personal learning journey and as a reference for those interested in similar topics. Comments are turned off to help me maintain focus, but feel free to connect with me on Instagram @shootlighter, LinkedIn @tasmilie, and Twitter @tasmilie.
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This blog and content are a work in progress, so please disregard the dust and constant changes while I continue to improve this ongoing experiment.